Praia da Adraga (Adraga Beach)

Wild and rugged, intensely blue... simply beautiful!

Well known for its clean water and its vast expanse of sand that is easily accessible, Adraga Beach stands out for the stunning landscape which surrounds it. In 2003, it was considered one of the 20 best European beaches by Sunday Times readers and journalists and was awarded an honourable third place.

At the southern end of the beach you will find the Pedra de Alvidrar - also known as the 'rock of reason' - a huge rock formation which drops, almost vertically into the sea, and according to local tradition was an initiation site for young men to prove how brave they were by climbing up and down it at huge risk to their lives. . In the same place, about fifty metres from the cliff, is the ‘Fojo’ an unmissable deep natural well, the bottom of which joins the sea. The ‘Fojo’ cave is the result of the corrosive action of rainfall on the existing cracks in the limestone rocks which, together with sea erosion, has created a labyrinth of caves, grottos and huge crevices.

It is thought that the Romans believed that at the bottom of the Fojo well there was a 90 metre Tritan who played a conch shell.

In reality, the sound would have been made by the waves but at the time, a mission was sent to the Emperor Tiberius (between AD 14 and AD 34) to give him news of the phenomenon.

Adraga Beach is not only an ideal spot for summer sunbathing and swimming but also lends itself to walks along the shore and even a spot of caving.

GPS - N38º48'8.59'' , W9º29'05.17''

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