Praia de Azenhas do Mar (Azenhas do Mar Beach)

A veritable picture postcard, Azenhas do Mar boasts a stunning location where houses are perched on the side of a cliff all the way down to the sea and are bathed in dreamy white light, at once beautiful and awe-inspiring.

It is one of the most popular beaches despite being only 30 metres wide and even those scant 30 metres are dependent on the winter, which every year determines the size of the beach. Nevertheless, the ocean pool is thoroughly appreciated by its visitors. It is a former fishing village which over the last few decades has become a quiet summer destination and a source of inspiration for many painters like Júlio Pomar, Emílio da Paula Campos and Milly Possoz.

GPS - N38º50'25.18'' , W9º27'42.36''

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