Sintra's Gastronomy

Fofos, Queijadas e Travesseiros...

Sintra's Gastronomy

Wine Cellars and Colares Wine

Sintra’s gastronomy is varied and rich and will make any "foodie's" mouth water.

Of the meat dishes, highlights include Negrais suckling pig (leitão de Negrais), Mercês pork (carne de porco às Mercês) and roasted lamb and veal. The coastline along the region of Sintra boasts an abundance of white fish, seafood and shellfish. So you can enjoy a mouth-watering black bass or sea bream, a delectable octopus or some tasty mussels and barnacles.

As far as sweets are concerned we must inevitably highlight the ‘queijadas de Sintra’ (Sintra tartlets), an ancient sweet which dates back to, at least, the Middle Ages. But there are others that should be tasted: ‘travesseiros', ‘pastéis da Pena’, ‘nozes de Galamares’, ‘fofos de Belas’ in addition to jam produced according to traditional preparation methods.

Colares wine is an indispensable addition to any meal, particularly the famous Ramisco variety which is one of the top wines on the Portuguese wine list.

The senses become refined. The delicacies are a delight to behold... and to taste.

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