Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides

The horse-drawn carriages of Sintra are one of the classic features of the romantic town.

They are reminiscent of past times when kings, noblemen and the rich bourgeoisie strolled through those parts. In a place filled with references to nobility, enjoying a horse-drawn carriage ride in Sintra as a modern-day aristocrat becomes rather tempting.

There are a number of different tours on offer departing from the town centre. It is also possible to take a horse-drawn carriage through the Pena Palace gardens to discover the beauty of these gardens conceived in such a way that they are reminiscent of a self-sown forest.

You can also plan the route which best suits your requirements and interests (a tour through the rural areas with a picnic, a ride before an evening meal, etc)

Each carriage is big enough for four people. Please book directly with one of the carriage drivers who gather in the town centre.

Additional  information:

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